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Our Story

Step into a world of beautiful mountains, inspired architecture, incredible adventurous wildlife and much more with Neora Valley Eco Huts. Now visit here and explore the natural beauty of Kolakham.

About Us

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Neora Valley Eco Huts is in the lap of Himalayas in a hidden valley known as Kolakham. Kolakham is is in the threshold of Neora Valley Eco Huts. Our Resort a joint venture with the local villagers stands on the bend  of the motorable road offering you a great view of snow clad mountains. Resort is managed jointly with the by local villagers of Kolakham which adds more charm to local culture.

We have furnished Deluxe rooms made of local logs. These rooms provide a fabulous view of snow peaks. Majority of the food is grown locally and the resort is operational throughout the year.

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Our Company Headquarters

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