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Some Facts

Get  some basic information and plan accordingly 

  • IS Chhagey Falls Close To Kolakham
    This can be reached from kolakham. Just about 4km downhill from kolakham village. The changey falls is even down hill from the last motorable point. its almost a 20 minutes walk down. The pathway is broken and full of leaves and branches. But you will forget every pain once you reach the plunge pool of the fall. The Change fall is one of the most fierce falls one can enjoy in north bengal but is a worth visit for nature lovers.
  • What's the best Time To Visit Kolakham
    October To June is the best period
  • Is there any other tourist places close to Kolakham
    Chowdapheri (Thresh hold Neora Valley National Park) Lava (8 KMs) Lolegaon (25 KMs) Rishyap (15 KMs) Aritar (53 KMs) Charkhole (40 KMs) Another nook in the eastern Himalayas overlooking the spectacular snow clad in an average altitude of 5000 feet from the sea level is located around 30 KMs from Kalimpong ( one of the popular most hill stations in Eastern India) and is just 15 kms from Lolegaon. kalimpong (38 KMs) Gorumara NP (77 KMs) Established as a Wildlife Sanctuary in the year 1949 and as a National Park in the year of 1992 Gorumara National Park (Total area of the park is 79.45 Sq. Km. ) is located in the Jalpaiguri district of the state of West Bengal on the bank of river Murti & Neora. The park is situated in the Terai region of the Himalayan foothills. The park is home to mammal species like One horned rhinoceros, Indian Elephant, Indian Bison, leopard, Deer, Sambar, Monkeys etc. The National park has now become a prime tourist attraction due to the magnificent forests, breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and the presence of the Indian Rhinoceros. The park has recorded fifty species of mammals, three hundred species of birds, twenty species of reptiles and thirty species of amphibians. Gorumara National Park is famous for its bird population - which includes brilliant submontane forest birds like the scarlet minivet, sunbird, Asian paradise flycatcher, spangled drongo and great Indian hornbill. Numerous woodpeckers and pheasants inhabit the park. Peafowl are very common. The park is on the flyway of numerous migratory birds, including the rare Brahminy Duck.
  • How to Reach Kolakham
    By Train New Jalpaiguri Junction (102 KMs)/ New Mal Junction (64 KMs) By Bus There is no major bus service to Kolakham By Car Please take the reference of Google Map showing routes from Kolkata, Siliguri & Kalimpong to Kolakham. Nearest Airport Siliguri, Bagdogra Airport (122 KMs) Nearest Railways Station New Mal junction (64 KMs)
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